FCS is a licensed architecture and general contracting company based in Colorado. We currently hold architecture licenses in the states of Colorado and Nevada and a commercial contractor’s license in the City and County of Denver, Colorado. As a seasoned Design-Build contractor, the FCS team removes layers of administration and costly mark-ups associated with dependence on numerous subcontractors. FCS assumes responsibility for the entire project and executes most of the work with its own resources, yielding efficient planning and design, installation and quality control. Owners retain more control over design quality and scheduling. It is simply a much better value. 

Why Design-Build?

  • Singular responsibility all accountability and job delivery under one roof: single point of responsibility for coordination, quality, cost control and schedule adherence.  Owners are able to avoid the role of referee between designers and builders and can focus on needs, scope definitions, and timely decision making.
  • Quality: The greater responsibilities and account-abilities implicit in the design build process serve as motivation for high quality and proper performance of building systems.   The design build process requires the design-builder to accept and adopt the owner’s quality objectives.
  • Time savings: Because design and construction can be overlapped and because general contracting bidding periods and redesign are eliminated, total design and construction time can be significantly reduced.   Time savings translates into lower costs and earlier move in.
  • Cost savings and value: Design and construction personnel working and communicating as a design build team can evaluate alternate materials, building systems and methods efficiently, accurately and creatively.   Value engineering and construct-ability reviews are effectively utilized when designers and builders work as one body during the design process.
  • Early knowledge of firm costs: Because the entity responsible for design is simultaneously estimating construction costs an accurate cost for the project can be established earlier. This will reduce exposure to escalating costs.  With the builder and design team working together it allows an interface with subcontractors during the design process, it provides one additional level of value for the cost of construction.

A recent Penn State study shows that Design-Build was 6% lower unit cost, 12% faster for construction speed and an overall 33% faster delivery speed from design inception to construction completion than the traditional method of Design-Bid-Build.